Protect Your Property and Business Assets

We detect unauthorized activities and locate illegal bugging devices.

Creative Security Measures for Your Safety

At Stout Security Consultants, we provide risk management solutions and utilize effective technical counter-surveillance measures to help you protect your personal and property assets. Our expert team serves a diverse range across several industries on issues, such as:

  • Audio/Video Device Detection
  • Corporate and Residential Security
  • Safety and Security Compliance
  • Private Investigation

What We Do

Locating illicit bugging devices like hidden cameras and microphones involves the proper implementation of technical surveillance counter measures. Our team conducts assessments to identify your business vulnerabilities and offer strategic plans to determine the appropriate actions needed.

Mitigate risks and determine potential threats by developing an effective security and crisis management plan. 

Holding a special event in a public area exposes the client to risks ranging from personal safety to the vulnerability of intellectual property. SSC conducts threat and risk assessments prior to an event and provides professional support, oftentimes through the liaison with local public safety services, to prevent loss or embarrassment to the brand name.

Protect your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. We will help you implement a plan to avoid third parties who are trying to steal your information.

SSC employs a team of former federal investigators experienced in complex and sophisticated fraud, computer forensics and corruption matters. Working with our client's specific needs, our investigators conduct interviews, collect evidence and provide risk mitigation solutions. SSC is discreet in its approach and draws on the talent of experienced professionals.  

Learn what steps to take in case of a workplace crisis or emergency through our active shooter response training program. Our team is certified by Texas A&M University System in Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events: Train-the-Trainer and Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT).


Events Security
Protocol Coordination

For your special events, you can coordinate with us for effective security protocols. We will deploy our best security consultants to ensure the safety of your guests and staff.