Identification and Removal of Hidden Surveillance Devices

By conducting Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), we will help you detect hidden cameras and other listening devices that may record confidential information and harm your personal space.

Corporate and Residential Bug Sweeps

We will help you locate illicit electronic surveillance, bugging, and eavesdropping devices in your residential and commercial properties.

Hidden Microphone Detection

The threat of eavesdropping devices used to obtain your confidential and personal data is increasing due to the proliferation of inexpensive and sophisticated covert devices flooding the market. Victims are unknowingly photographed or videoed in the privacy of their home or office and without their consent. Stout Security Consultants uses the same industry standard equipment as the US Government to detect the location of eavesdropping devices.

Special Events Security

SSC provides security consulting services for a diverse group of corporations including Fortune 500 and global companies. Our security consultant oversees each project and provides subject matter experts working to mitigate risk and protect assets.

Security and Crisis Management

We develop effective security and crisis management plans to help you prepare in case of an accident or an emergency.

Private Investigation

SSC utilizes a team of professional investigators who have years of experience conducting interviews and managing major investigations in areas of fraud, public corruption and kidnapping. We value our client’s needs and work closely to provide solutions for mitigating problems and protecting reputations.

Conducting a due diligence investigation is vital to evaluate a company’s management, performance, and business procedures. We perform background checks and review records to identify and locate hidden liabilities.

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